Nature Tables

Decorative Nature Tables for Reflection

I think the nature table is an interesting concept. Nature tables are generally put in a small compact corner of the home; they contain seasonal items from nature that are collected and perhaps some handmade puppets or figures that tell a story. These are definitely decorative, but natural and connected to what’s going on in our environment. It is a little bit like a peaceful corner where you can reflect on nature and season. It helps us to take the time to ponder our natural world, and brings a little bit of nature into our homes.

Festive Nature Tables for Celebration

Nature Tables can also tell a story about a particular festival or perhaps a legend or a celebration. In Waldorf schools, they use them to follow the festivals throughout the year — sometimes these festivals are Christian in nature, other times they’re more Pagan. The children learn about the festivals and celebrate with the Waldorf nature table, often adding something to the table themselves that they have found along their way.

I think these little areas can be so much more; they need not be religious necessarily — they could have their own story that relates to the season and to nature, and to the family that has them in their house.

Nature tables can be made with seasonal-coloured items.
Seasonal-coloured figures and natural items can be used to make a non-religious nature table.
A nature table for fall.